AuPairZ is here to guide you in your journey to select your first Au Pair. Maybe you are considering becoming an Au Pair yourself. First it is important to know exactly what an Au Pair is. An au pair is essentially a young adult who goes to live in another country to provide child care services to a host family.  Au Pairs are not only nannies, but rather they are treated like members of the family!

About 90 percent of au pairs are female. There is a possibility of having a male Au Pair. The initial contract with a host family typically lasts one year, with the opportunity for the host family and au pair to extend for 6, 9, or 12 months.

The Au Pairs take on the responsibilities that would be expected of any family member such as keeping their room clean, helping with the cooking, washing dishes and other things of this nature.

Generally, au pairs are very young. Often they are just out of high school, and can range between 18 and 26 years of age. Once you turn 27, you’re no longer qualified.  They must have finished their secondary education (high school) and be fairly proficient in the host country’s language to be considered. Most can understand English at certain level, but are not necessarily fluent.

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