In modern families with both parents working, it is important to have reliable childcare providers. Many parents utilize local nannies and baby sitters who can take care of your child while you are away in addition to day-care. More and more families are now employing au pairs, out of country, live-in young adults, because these families recognize significant benefits that au pairs offer over that from local nannies.

1. Hiring au pair is more cost effective.

When you compare au pair vs. nanny, you will find a marked difference between their compensation.The fact that au pairs live with you makes them a more cost-effective choice. Because you provide them with room and board, your out of pocket cost consists of a weekly stipend, which is very competitive to the cost of a full-time nanny or daycare. In addition, an au pair provides the opportunity to utilize a customized childcare schedule for families with non-traditional work schedules.

For example, renting out a bedroom in big city may cost up to $1,200 per month while food costs can be varied. Nannies can cost you $18-$25 per hours. Therefore, it would cost a family between $810 to $1,125 per week for 45 hours of childcare. Your decision to hire a nanny could prove to be expensive, with the prohibitive payment of salary along with any additional expenditures of that you may have to deal with while a cost for an au pair is approximately $8-$9.5 per hour excluding room and board and accommodation. This depends on the level of childcare experience au pairs have prior to joining the program.

Another factor to consider is that Au pairs can be available at any time, whereas many nannies or babysitter cannot dedicate more than eight to ten hours a day. In the case of an unforeseen emergency, when you need someone to take care of your child, au pair can prove to be the best bet for their constant presence rather than the nannies that may come with the extra demand of over-time pay. In a nutshell, Au pair is indeed an affordable selection in every which way.

2. Au pair provide more flexibility.

One of my favourite aspects about hiring an au pair is flexibility in work hours. Most busy parents know how stressful it is to find out that your child is sick and need to keep out of school for a day or so while you have a prior commitment that particular day. Moreover, most young families, who live away from their relatives, might not have much help when it comes to childcare. Having a last-minute childcare option is crucial.

In addition, an au pair provides the opportunity to utilize a customized childcare schedule for families with non-traditional work schedules. While you’re limited to a set number of hours each week (typically 45 hours), you can arrange for evening or weekend coverage that would not be available through traditional daycare. And because your au pair lives in your home, there’s a good chance he or she will be available for coverage in the case of some emergency or unforeseen event.Most au pairs are open and willing to help their host families with a little notification. Of course, there is always an exception when au pairs have other plans such as class or vacation plans.

3. Introduce your child to multiple culture and language

Countless studies indicate that an ability to speak a second language boosts cognitive, memory, and listening skills.A recent research published in Psychological Science suggests that essentially thinking through a problem in non-native language helps people to make quicker and better life decisions.

Many host parents now utilize au pairs to help with multi-language developments. They specifically seek out au pairs who are able to speak in certain languages that they would like their children to have some exposure to.

By hiring an au pair,your child will have a chance to learn about the new culture and language firsthand. This exposure not only provides your child insight to and understanding of different cultures but also gains broader worldview and respects differences among others.


When joining the au pair program, every au pair must pass thorough screening procedures including in-person interviews, background check, health check and criminal checks. Working with a reputable agency help ensure the au pair you select has the appropriate level of childcare experience and that he or she can be trusted to safeguard the best interests of your children. It is rare that you will have access to the information listed above from local nannies prior to the job interview. The typical information you will get is reference contact information. Regardless, you are hiring an au pair or a nanny; I encourage every host family talk to references of your potential childcare provider.

In short, it undoubts that hiring an au pair as a childcare solution can provide many benefits over those with nannies. Of course, most nannies are amazing at their work, au pairs,in addition, come with many promising aspects that are vital for busy families such as cost effectiveness, flexibility, multi-cultural and language exposure and reliability. Would not you consider hosting your first au pair?

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