It is common in the corporate sector to hold an in-depth interview when hiring a candidate for any job role. The same can be said about au pair hiring process. Detailed interview gives you the chance to know more about the childcare candidate you intend to hire and see if they are qualified for the job or not.

When hiring an au pair childcare service it is important to conduct the interview correctly so that you can bring home the perfect au pair for your child. There are a few important interview questions for au pairs that you must include in your list.

Here is what you need to ask your future au pair:

1. Experience

Some au pair candidates may have professional childcare experience. Try to understand what sort of work experience they have and whether it is a good match for your family. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any gender or age preference and,if yes, then be sure to ask them why. If they worked in a school or daycare, ask them how big was the class and what responsibilities they had. Suggest different scenarios and ask how they would respond or handle the situation; for example “What if you’re with Timmy at the playground and he and another boy both want to play with the same toy”, or “How would you get Cindy to eat a new food?”.

2. Ask them about their lives

It is important to know about your au pair’s background.The most common interview question is “tell me about yourself.”Try to get a feel for their family life; for example, are they close with their parents or how many siblings they had, whether they are the older child or younger child at home, etc. Their answers to these questions may give you some idea whether they would be a good fit with your family or how well prepared they are to take care of your children. If you are still not satisfied or feel the need for more information, you can ask them what they do in their free time, what their future goals are, and so on.

3. Anticipate whether they may become homesick

It is natural for an au pair to miss their family and homeland. Ask them if they have ever lived away from their immediate family, whether they’ve lived with roommates, whether they have a boyfriend at home, etc. These questions are important in order to understand whether the candidate may feel homesick to the point of it being a distraction impacting their ability to provide effective care for you children so that you au pair are fit to take care of your children.Ask them if they are comfortable with new environments and culture of the country. Getting to know your au pair on personal level will give you an insight into what kind of childcare giver they will be.

4. Ask them about skills

Many parents would prefer au pair who knows how to drive. Ask them if they do know how to drive and whether they are licensed to drive in your country. Likewise, you can inquire about the other skills they may have like swimming, music, etc. that may be valuable in caring for your kids.

In the end do not forget to be sure to give them the opportunity to ask you questions regarding the job responsibilities, work schedule and home environment. It is important that you both are on same page and have a good rapport. Communication is the key.

These are some of the important au pair interview questions that you should consider asking when interviewing your au pair. Asking the right questions will help you hire the right one and give your child the right childcare they need.

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