Now that you have successfully found the perfect au pair for your children, it is time to set some ground rules for living in your household while also ensuring the au pair will feel at home. Why it is important? The au pair comes from another country different cultural background; it is important to make sure they settle in and can adjust to your family’s practices and perform their tasks easily.

Here are some tips for hosting au pairs:

1. Communicate Well

Communication is the key to the successfully hosting au pairs. Make sure you ask open-ended questions and actively listen to them. Most of the au pairs are not fluent in English, or do know the basics only. So make sure you do use simple language to open the communication lines and make sure they understand what you want and the requirements of the job.

2. Positive Feedback

Giving feedback, especially in the initial stages, is very important. Feedback helps the au pairs understand that you are happy with the service. Positive feedback also encourages them to do better. If there is negative feedback, make sure you are polite with your words and explain to them what they can do better. You need to foster an environment of trust and be sure not to intimidate them.

3. Publish a schedule

You are busy with your life, which is why you hired an au pair in the first place. To make things easier and more convenient it is important that that you create and post a schedule. This will take specify the things such as when the children need to be in bed or when they need to do their homework. Scheduling will also free you from telling them every time you need something done.

4. Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings with the au pair can help you clarify a few things and mitigate any chances of misunderstanding. Meetings provide an opportunity to discuss things that need to be done or what went wrong or if the au pair is facing any problems. It’s good to keep notes to keep everything organized and document what’s been discussed. You also need feedback from your au pair regarding whether they are feeling good working here.

5. Recognize their nonverbal communication and feelings

While you may enjoy your time as a good happy family, your au pair may be feeling homesick during the first two month of her arrival or holidays like Christmas. Remember that they come from different country and background and may have their own festivals. Do look out for signs of homesickness. Make sure you include them in your celebration as well. This will help them deal with their feelings and prevent them from feeling isolated.

These tips on hosting au pairs can help to create a strong and understanding relationship with them.

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