Au pair childcare comes with many benefits. Apart from caring for your child they also introduce your child to a new culture, language and personality. This definitely has some positive impact on your child and is one of the reasons people opt for au pair childcare.

But, the cost of hiring an au pair is an important consideration. It is generally believed that even if you are paying slightly more than the minimum wage, your au pair will still be a low cost childcare option.

Here are some suggestion regarding how to handle the cost when it comes to hiring and hosting an au pair at your home.

1. Compare rates

If you want low cost childcare then you can compare the rates of au pair childcare services from the agencies. Agencies may be same on the weekly stipend rates, but they may differ on other costs like the travelling of the au pair. Here you can contact reputable au pair agencies ask for estimates. You can compare multiple estimates from different agencies and hire that which fits your budget and requirements.

2. Know what you will be paying for

Since the au pairs come from different countries and they have to travel to America,you may have to bear the cost of airfare and travelling. Other than that, you might have to pay for workshop and accommodations, although this may vary from what you had requested. Additionally, you will be paying a weekly stipend or any other arrangements that you have decided upon. Apart from that you may have to buy them cell phone or any other devices deemed necessary to make childcare easy. Being aware of these additional costs will help you save money.

3. Do you want them to drive

Several families expect their au pair to drop the kids off at school and pick them up as well. This may require you to pay for the driving classes as well as for the gas and insurance. An au pair who can drive is an added bonus. When you are busy and need someone to take your kids outdoors or to school, what is a better choice than your au pair nanny?

4. Damages

No matter how qualified your au pair is they are humans and are bound to make some mistakes. From breaking dishes to other accidents, anything can happen and you have to bear the cost. But, this is generally manageable as long as it was an innocent mistake and not a regular occurrence. Make sure you set aside some money to manage the cost effectively.

When it comes to low cost childcare, au pair makes the perfect option. They live at your home and provide flexible service at a cost that is competitive to weekday daycare.

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