In the end, most host families and most au pairs want to have a good experience, and they want the other to have a good experience, too. So it comes down to helping each other be happy and making it work. When there is a happy au pair,  it is pleasant for the family and vice versa.

In our house, we treat our au pair as a family member. For example, when we go shopping, we ask them what they want. We want to accommodate. Essentially, we want to make sure that our au pair is happy with us and treat them as a family member and understand their needs. It is important to know what motivates the au pair and suggest a way to help them.. We still stay in touch with all the au pairs we have had.

One of the best things you can do is participate in the au pair program for the right reasons, choose the best people to work within your situation, and then try your best to help each other succeed. Always be direct, be helpful, don’t lay blame, and realize that they are trying their best.

I recommend everyone take a personality test so they can see if what they are about to do will work for them, and also they can see if the other person would be a good fit. For example, if an au pair gets bored easily, they may have a hard time unless they have a lot of new experiences.

The ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has a good experience, but on the top of that list is for the children to be safe and loved. That can be accomplished if you choose a good au pair and give them all the support they need to be the best they can be.A happy au pair equals happy children.

One important thing to remember is to really listen to your au pair. When they feel like you are really hearing them and are addressing their needs, you would see that you turn around and go above and beyond.

Other ways you can help your au pair to be happier is buying something that they like to eat, or do other little things you notice. You could also give them extra time off, like letting them finish their shift 15 minutes early. Always remember to thank your au pair for their efforts so that they feel appreciated.

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